Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification process. It can kill all the micro-organisms, molds, fungi, algae and bacteria, present in the water that could be harmful to the body and make the water perfectly fit for drinking. In addition, water stored in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, acquires a certain quality from the copper. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vital to human health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralize toxins.Apart from that, copper is also known to strengthen immune system and aid in the production of new cells.  Increase Immunity

  •  Aids weight loss
  •  Promotes healthy skin
  •  Shows down ageing
  •  Boosts heart health
  •  Beats anaemia
  •  Healthy digestive system
  •  Cuts down cancer risks
  • Regulates the Thyroid Gland
  • Regulates Melanin Production
  • Stay fit and healthy
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